Combined Comfort Systems is a dedicated HVAC/R contractor serving businesses in the lower mainland of British Columbia.  CCS incorporated in Feb 2014 and has shown consistent dedicated growth each year since. We currently hold business licences in virtually all the municipalities, districts, and cities in the greater Vancouver region.  We hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We firmly believe that accountability is key, and this is a fundamental philosophy shared by our dedicated staff, right from the receptionist to our field technicians.

Combined Comfort Systems has the ability to provide exceptional HVAC/R maintenance services with our highly trained technicians.  All our technicians receive regular in-house training in combination with ongoing manufacturer and safety authority training to keep abreast of new innovations and new safety initiatives.  All our technicians are licenced in the relevant disciplines by the Province of British Columbia.  CCS believes that investing in employee growth and education is paramount to the success of the company. All staff members are encouraged to pursue educational and skill building activities.

Combined Comfort Systems utilizes an integrated dispatch/reporting system to allow quality and accurate reporting and accountability.  Technicians are dispatched electronically over smart phones and 3G enabled tablets.  This allows our field technicians to accurately document their service and maintenance calls, to log all work done on each piece of equipment and allows the office to provide you with a complete and detailed report.  With quality reporting you are kept abreast of the operating condition of all your equipment.  Each piece of equipment at each facility is easily identifiable, eliminating confusion.

We are dedicated to serving all your needs and have the skills and resources to achieve this goal.

Why Combined Comfort Systems:

  • One stop HVAC/R shopping
  • Single or multi-site equipment management
  • Pre-scheduled maintenance
  • Qualified, multi-trade certified and experienced staff
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual billing
  • Fixed mechanical budgets

Commercial Division:

  • Providing installations, maintenance and breakdown repair.
  • Remote monitoring
  • Multi-site management
  • Professional duct cleaning
  • Monthly, Quarterly or annual billing