Much like the sun on a cold day, you can still feel warm since infrared waves pass through the air and directly heat objects. Unlike traditional heating systems that blow air, Infrasave's infrared heaters provide a higher comfort level without the feeling of air blowing at you.


Designed for industrial and commercial use, IL Series heaters are clean and efficient radiant heaters that have the highest efficiency rating in its North American class. The IL Series heater is able to heat a large space with high ceilings while minimizing operation costs. The performance enhancing features of the IL Series luminous (high intensity) heater provide a quick return on investment. Exceptional infrared heat output yields economy of operation and improved work space comfort. Durable construction with no moving parts means years of low maintenance and trouble-free operation.


These Infrasave infrared tube heaters provide quiet and clean heating solutions and have rightfully earned their title as the indoor radiant heater with the best efficiency rating in North America when compared to other non-insulated tube heaters. The IQ Series boasts high comfort and provides significant energy savings and a carbon footprint reduction of up to 50%. The long and laminar flame of this tube heater provides an even heat distribution and is easy to access, and maintain. IQ Series provides the highest employee comfort by creating a uniform distribution of heat.

itb/itt Series

Dual firing rate capability for controlled comfort. The 2-Stage heating system lowers energy consumption and increases equipment life by reducing ON/OFF cycles by up to 35%.. The dual firing rate allows for a controlled comfort level with a high intensity and low intensity heat setting to provide more or less heat when required and adjusts heat output to meet changing heating needs.

iw/iwp Series

The IW/IWP Series is suitable for all industrial and commercial spaces that may be wet, damp or contain airborne contaminants. They hold the highest energy efficiency ratings in all of North America converting up to 50% of gas input into usable radiant energy. Unlike conventional heaters that only warm the surrounding air, the radiant energy from the IW/IWP Series is immediately absorbed by everyone below creating a more comfortable atmosphere. Also includes a corrosion-resistant and moisture-resistant burner enclosure, plus heater tube and reflector system.