Eric Yau

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. After researching and speaking to multiple companies about getting a 5 head ductless air-conditioning system put in to our house, we decided to go with Combined Comfort and we couldn't have been happier. The team was clearly very experienced, walk us through the multiple options for how to lay out the installation, were always professional and checking that we were happy as they progressed. They made sure they had ample time to do the install properly even though they were clearly getting quite busy. They crew was polite, neat and tidy and worked around our crazy schedule at home. We highly recommend Combined Comfort.


Russ Beinder

I knew I needed to retire my 22 year old gas furnace and was going to replace my 15 year old heat pump / AC at the same time. Then I was lucky (sarc) enough to discover my hot water tank was leaking and needed to replace that as well. I don't know how many companies I called, but I eight came to my house to see what work needed to be done, but only three followed up with a quote (I wanted to compare three)... maybe I am a PitA. Heathe was not the cheapest (except he beat everyone else on the Navien tankless by $75), but he was filling a few special requests (roof venting, repaired some returns, kept all the wires and pipes inside my walls) of mine that had others stumped and he was supplying a premium Mitsubishi unit which no one else had offered with a big rebate available from Hydro. He also delivered a final quote at the end of the site visit. I was going away for a vacation in two weeks, but they found the necessary equipment and planned the whole thing before I left so I did not have to worry about the old gas unit breaking down while I was gone. It was a three day install with two journeymen and an apprentice onsite with Heathe there each day to supervise. He even rebuilt the gas manifold for my fireplaces and the new hot water because the old one was such a hack job. The new system is great. The house was warm when it was cold outside and now it is cold on the hot days. The outside unit is super quiet compared to the old Lenox we had out there. When it was all done they submitted the rebate forms for me and all I had to do was watch the $4300 go into my bank account. Recently recommended CCS to friends. They know what they are doing and they care to do it right.


Jane Williams

We are so happy that we picked Heathe to install our heat pump. It was obvious right from the first meeting that he really knew what he was doing. He suggested a much bigger unit than the two other companies that we got quotes from but after a lot of research, we realized that it was the right advice. He was very responsive to any questions we had while we were trying to decide which quote to go with. Heathe was there for the installation and even installed a new laundry sink for us for no extra charge because he couldn't bear to see our old one leaking. The heat pump itself has transformed the house. It's much much quieter than our old furnace, the house feels airier and the temperature is much more even. We went with a heat pump for environmental reasons so it's a big plus that it's also a more even, quieter heating system. Combined Comfort Systems not only do the installation but they also put in the paperwork for the rebates from Clean BC, the City of Vancouver, and Fortis. Such good service! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Heathe and Combined Comfort Systems to anyone wanting to install a new heat pump. In fact, I already have recommended them to a neighbor's friend.


Ben Mitchell

Heathe and his team were an absolute pleasure to deal with. They provided a top notch product, quickly and efficiently and thanks to the rebates from BC Hydro and the city, the total cost was very reasonable. I would recommend Heathe and his crew in a heartbeat, super responsive, friendly and knowledgeable - thank you!!


David Mallory

Short Version..... CCS put a Mitsubishi air conditioner in my bedroom yesterday. I had the best sleep in decades due to no outside noise. The company did an exceptional job. They were professional. Price was spot on. I highly recommend them......................... LONG VERSION OK. 24 years in my home. Last night was the first real sleep I have had in 24 years....thanks to Heathe and the guys at Combined Comfort Systems! No ambulances, police cars, motorcycles, dogs barking, traffic whooshing, wind chimes, the guy who comes home and slams his truck door at 3 am, no fog horns, boat motors, geese, seagulls, crows, robins, drunks yahooing, teen pool parties down the lane, bottle collectors, airplanes, my neighbours noisy sliding gate, cars warming up for 15 minutes at 5:30 am....... A real quiet sleep. 7.5 hours uninterrupted. All due to a new Mitsubishi mini split system that Heathe and Nicholas put in yesterday. What a superb investment and I only wish I had done this 24 years ago. The unit in our bedroom is so quiet we were not sure it was on but the cold air coming from it was refreshing. It has a timer so the bedroom will be cool by the time we go to bed and will stay cool all night, automatically turning off at a set time in the morning. Or we can set it manually. But I prefer the consistency! The unit under my deck that has the big fan in it is so quiet outside that I had to put my hand in front to feel the air being blown. No disturbing the neighbours with that! We saw thousands of these types of systems in Asia when we were there. It seems like everyone has them. My brain realized that the companies that have been making them forever, like Mitsubishi, must have them figured out pretty well. They supposedly last for many many years without breaking down. They are unobtrusive. And, this is a big factor, not too expensive. After last night, I honestly think they are worth magnitudes more that we were charged. Nicholas and his apprentices did an exceptional job. They worked all day on a difficult placement, and were professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. There was no slacking off. Nicholas showed up early and ran the job with full control. He is an 8 year journeyman with loads of experience. I felt in good hands. The whole process of air conditioning is waaaay more complicated than I would have expected. To have him explain things to me was illuminating. I have a science background and was very impressed with the chemistry and physics of how everything works in this system. When the guys left I checked around and they had done a full clean up, so kudos for that as well. Heathe is the owner and big boss. I met him at the Home Show and his easy demeanour and sense of humour connected with me immediately. I spoke to several companies that day, let them all know that we were looking for a system and asked to be contacted. Heathe was the first AND ONLY ONE to contact me! He called just a day or two after the show, and came by to assess our place. (Funnily, one other company contacted me....late last night! Too late guys!) We were impressed with his years of experience and his personality. Less than a week later we have an air conditioner in our bedroom that is guaranteed to make me sleep better. (BTW, I do not know if you have been following current research into how important sleep is for you. A proper sleep will decrease the propensity and/or severity of dementia in later years. This is a really big factor for us after watching my Dad go through 3 years of hell from dementia. I don’t care how much it costs to avoid that - so I sure as heck will do whatever it takes to mitigate that horrible situation. I think the system that CCS put in our place will change my long term outcomes as it related to dementia. PLUS, I know that on a day to day basis I will be healthier because now I will have uninterrupted sleep.) So this is a long review but I have to tell you that if you are thinking about making any changes at your place then give Heathe a call. BTW could have charged me more!


Michael Broughton EdD

Hi Heathe, Thank you for taking my call immediately last week when the house was cooling down. . The record low temperatures last week plus a strong wind blowing off the ocean found the ‘edge’ for heating our 50 year old waterfront home. All our large single paned windows in the original house (before the better insulated addition) are on the seaside and the wind chill factor was daunting. The house was losing heat faster than the 42000 Btu unit could put it in. Remarkably, the heat pump was performing at these very low temperatures as promised. Other heat pumps would have given up at much higher temperatures. Surprisingly, we were not uncomfortable, heat was being consistently and well circulated, but the house was losing temperature. I had opted to not put in a supplemental heat unit as you suggested at the time of installation because of the limitations of the 100 amp service in the house. This year was the first time supplementary heat was needed and your simple suggestion of adding two 1500 watt space heaters in central areas of the house did the trick and added enough ‘btus’ to slowly but consistently bring the house temperature back up, even in the bitter cold outside. It is 14 or more degrees warmer outside this week (at about 6 degrees versus -8 and lower ), temperatures now are just above where most other heat pumps would be giving up, but the Mitsubishi is happily working away giving us great service. I have put the space heaters back in the basement. We continue to be toasty warm and comfortable for the second year now with our Mitsubishi heat pump Thank you for working with us within the limitations of the house to give a cost effective solution to replacing our oil heat. We are expecting about a 4 to 5 year pay back on cost savings in oil, we are much more comfortable and according to the energy study done on the house have made a major impact on green house gas emissions. 01/23/2020


Michael B - Lions Bay, BC 3/21/2019

Outstanding installation, on time and bang on budget which was a very fair price for our high end Mitsubishi unit. Hyper heat unit meant I did not need back up heating and this saved many thousands in upgrade to 200amp service. Great team of installers, truly nice people, professional, competent, clean effective job, reorganized ductwork and air handler installation gave huge amount of usable space in the basement. Now one year of operation, always warm and comfortable and a proven 80%+ saving compared to our oil costs and this is during one of the longest coldest winters I can remember. I have recommended to many friends and continue to do so. Honestly can't say enough, our family is happy, the environment is happy, and the cost payback is less than 5 years. Wow.


Sully S.

I don't give five stars lightly but as Yelp says, "Woohoo! As good as it gets!". We have a patchwork 1974/1998/2015 home with all the challenges that multiple remodels bring. We were running on propane furnaces and burning about $7,000 of propane each year and still not managing to keep our home comfortable. Heathe designed, and he and his team installed, a solution that other installers dismissed as being out of our budget or even technically impossible, and not only did he not cut any corners to do that but he actually far surpassed our expectations. Heath installed a Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ heat pump and four air handlers in the same spaces that our old furnaces occupied. The engineering it took to get them in the spaces is remarkable and yet the workmanship looks flawless. The system is just amazing. Rather than the hot/cold cycle we had while we burned $$ of propane, we now have a beautiful consistent heat throughout the home. We heat the basement and are using often it where before we had all the vents closed and it was just for guests we weren't that fond of. One benefit I didn't anticipate is that without the hot/cold cycle of the furnaces and because the air is always comfortably warm, all of our floors are now warm too... no need for the bathroom underfloor heating we were planning. The system itself is super efficient. I don't have a full year of it yet so can't say what it will have done to our heating costs but even during a very cold spell for BC I'm seeing our Hydro bill is going to be nowhere near our propane bill for heating. I'd say something like a 75% reduction at as a S.W.A.G. Heathe and his team were impeccable in their professionalism, clean-up, punctuality; keeping us up-to-date with challenges as they arose and finally with a little bit of after-service care we needed to get our thermostats just right. Plus Heathe is just an all round nice bloke. As if all that wasn't enough to recommend CCS and Heathe, Heathe noticed some problems with a water heater while he was in the furnace room as well as noticed some DIY I was doing on a washroom ventilation fan. Not only did he fix the water-heater but he also had custom ducting made up for my ventilation - after asking me of course. I was fully expecting additional line items on the invoice for time and materials for the additional work and because of the numerous challenges our old house posed but Heathe was right on budget. We literally have never had a better experience with an HVAC engineer nor any trades person working on our home for that matter. Would absolutely recommend.


Paul L. Vancouver, BC

I cannot say enough good things about this service. After having three other companies examine my malfunctioning heat pump/air conditioner and insist that there's nothing wrong with it, the CCS technician quickly discovered and corrected the problem. Extremely nice guy, too. This company will be my #1 go-to in the future.


C.T - Greater Vancouver, BC 7/12/2018

I've used this company (and its prior iteration) for around five years now to maintain and repair a (original but sloppily installed by another HVAC company, who no-showed their first maintenance call) split heat pump / gas furnace in my house. Both techs have been excellent, and my most recent work by Rob was even better than my multiple prior great experiences. Rob is very thorough, honest and personable which is especially valuable to an avid DIY "tweaker" like me who talks his ear off while he works. I have run another type of service company myself for over 20 years, and I highly recommend these guys. Others I have referred to them have also been equally impressed! 7/12/2018


Kirk D.

We did quite a bit of shopping around to find the best solution on a Mistubishi "Mr. Slim" a/c unit for our condo. Not only did Heath provide a solid quote, his suggestion for where to place the unit something none of the other companies had mentioned. We now get cool air in the master bedroom and living area of our 1300+ sq. ft. condo. Heath was also our installer and he and his apprentice did the install in one (long) day. We can't say enough about the product and, just as importantly, the service we received. We would highly recommend CCS to anyone looking for condo air conditioning solutions. Thanks Heath!! Kirk & Roberta.


Farnaz I.

We've used this company for two separate repairs the last few days, and they have been excellent! We had a leak in our AC compressor and needed it repaired and the coolant replaced. The owner at CCS responded to my call right away (many competitors didn't even call me back) and had me text her photos. She then got back to me quickly with an estimate, and had her service man out to our home the next day! He was efficient, professional and knowledgable. And he was honest - no inflating hours or charging for tiny things that took nearly no time or effort. The work done was excellent, and the final bill was perfectly reasonable! Interestingly, we called them again two days later to come fix my dad's expansion tank connected to his furnace which was leaking. Again, they quickly found the right replacement tank, and Rob came out the same afternoon. We can't say enough about what a great business they run. Excellent customer service and work. Thanks CCS!


Nick K.

I cant say enough about Heath and his crew. Meticulous, on time, and did an excellent job in selecting proper placement for all the new equipment supplied to my restored 1912 Heritage Home which never had the benefits of Air Conditioning. I had other quotes which were over double what was quoted by Heath " the owner" . I was recommended to Heath by a very good friend who also had an excellent experience. Our home now, thanks to windows and doors staying shut is super comfortable, quite, and stays clean with very little energy expended thanks to Heath providing the proper equipment to suite our lifestyle. Feel free to call and come by for a visit of my home if in Kits way. This will give you a good idea of how quite and efficient the equipment is and also how non invasive the placement of any minor ducting or wiring can be. Nick 604 767 6152