ZUBA Central Ducted Solutions

Zuba-Central is a heat pump that installs easily into new or existing ductwork to provide you with a more energy-efficient and more cost-effective way to heat and cool your home.

Heat pumps are ranked among the most energy-efficient and cost-effective ways of heating and cooling your home, and Mitsubishi Electric’s ducted heat pump systems provide unmatched home comfort capabilities. Available in our optional Cold-Climate Hyper-Heat Technology that installs into new or existing ductwork. Our products keep your home and/or small business consistently warm in cold winter nights when the temperature goes below -30°C* and effectively cool during hot summer days.

Variable Compressor Speed Inverter (VCSI) Technology

More effective and efficient temperature control.

Zuba-Central is equipped with Variable Compressor Speed Inverter (VCSI) technology that can adjust its speed based on demand. By adjusting its compressor speed rather than shutting on and off completely, energy consumption is kept at a minimum. That’s because the VCSI system is operating at partial load for maximum efficiency, so you use only the energy you need to maintain your ideal room conditions.

It includes the whisper-quiet fans and compressors that work so silently you won’t even notice they’re on. It includes high-speed heating and cooling which get your rooms to the temperature you want when you’ve just come in from extreme outdoor conditions. And it includes all the advanced engineering to keep your home comfortable while saving you from rising energy costs. Now that’s smart thinking.

Hyper-Heat Inverter (H2i™) Technology

Made for Canada, Zuba-Central is the true evolution in whole-home, year-round comfort.

Thanks to Mitsubishi Electric’s exclusive Hyper-Heat Inverter (H2i™) Technology our heat pumps deliver comfort efficiently all year round. The H2i™ system features a flash injection process which maintains high suction and discharge pressure. As a result, Zuba-Central is able to maintain a high heating capacity and achieve higher performances all the way to -30°C and beyond.will run more efficiently than a conventional unit, saving you from rising energy costs.


Zuba-A discrete model to provide home comfort, the SEZ unit can be built right into the ceiling with short-run ducts and the PEAD units can be built into new or existing ductwork to deliver comfort throughout the room.


The PVA and SVZ air handler is ideal for efficient heating and cooling in new and or pre-existing ducted applications such as bedrooms and smaller homes. The compact design blends seamlessly into tight spaces like an existing furnace room or closet, so you can achieve the comfort you need without compromising space.


The PAA allows for hybrid heating and central cooling. It integrates easily with an existing gas, electric, or propane furnace. The system chooses the source of energy used to heat your home, switching between the heat pump and furnace to delivery the ultimate efficiency. 

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a proven heating and cooling system that uses a refrigerant to transfer heat energy between indoor and outdoor environments. The refrigerant travels within a closed loop between an external unit and an internal unit.

When the temperature rises indoors the heat pump works like an air conditioner. When the temperature drops indoors, the cycle is reversed and the system works like a heater. In heating mode the refrigerant absorbs heat from the outside air and uses it to warm up the interior of your home, even in the middle of winter.


At Mitsubishi Electric, we stand behind every product that bears our name. That’s why all mini-split systems are backed by our standard 5-year parts and 7-year compressor warranty.

Then we take that protection to a whole new level.

Have your system installed and registered by one of our Authorized HVAC Installers and we will upgrade you to an extended 10-year parts and 10-year compressor warranty. That’s peace-of-mind, Mitsubishi Electric style.


At the core of Mitsubishi Electric’s values is our dedication to preserving our natural environment and doing all we can to promote environmentally conservative practices within the heating and cooling industry. We’ve always been a strong proponent of Energy Star and other energy efficiency programs available across Canada. Please consult your local energy efficiency program for applicable product listings.