Hepa Media Filter

  • Media Air Cleaner captures a significant amount of the airborne particles in the air circulated through the unit. Recommended as a basic minimum air quality product. Includes; cabinet, access door and MERV 13 filterContains a lifetime filter that is environmentally friendly and preferable to disposable filters.
  • User-friendly. Easy to maintain.
  • Ideal for homes with allergy, asthma or respiratory sufferers, smokers, pets, cooking odors, and mustiness.
  • Helps protect and prolong the operating efficiency of the heating and cooling equipment.

Honeywell Advanced electrode humidifier

Honeywell Advanced Electrode Humidifier can be installed and serviced quickly and provides an intuitive, innovative, and versatile design that enables a successful installation. We do this by designing the smallest steam humidification product on the market and the industry’s only duct mountable solution as demonstrated by our patent-pending design The Electrode Steam provides comfort, peace of mind, and desired performance day in and day out. We do this by achieving the humidity set point more consistently and quicker than competition and providing an intuitive self-diagnostics as demonstrated by our best in industry 5-year complete warranty.