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Unit Heater

Extensive research and development has resulted in a technically advanced range of unit heaters that delivers the highest possible standards of energy efficency and performance. Many of our high efficiency Unit Heaters qualify for rebates or subsidies from local governments or utilities The comprehensive range provides end users, consulting engineers and installation contractors with the optimum unit heater solution whatever the application.
Reznor Unit Heater - UDAP
Reznor's V3 Series UDAP high efficiency heaters are excellent for space heating applications.
Reznor Unit Heater - UDAS
Reznor's V3 Series UDAS gas-fired separated combustion unit heaters are available in 14 sizes ranging from 30,000 to 400,000 BTUH gas input (Sizes 30-125 are approved for residential application)
Reznor Unit Heater - UDBP Commercial
Model UDBP heaters are designed for 82-83% thermal efficiency and are approved for commercial/industrial
Reznor Unit Heater - UEAS
Reznor's UEAS ultra high efficiency, gas-fired separated combustion unit heaters are available in 4 sizes ranging from 130,000 to 310,000 BTUH.....