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Commercial Radiant Infrared Tube Heaters

Much like the sun on a cold day, you can still feel warm since infrared waves pass through the air and directly heat objects. Unlike traditional heating systems that blow air, Infrasave's infrared heaters provide a higher comfort level without the feeling of air blowing at you.
IL Series
High Efficient Indoor Heater Designed for industrial and commercial use, IL Series heaters are clean and efficient radiant heaters that have the highest efficiency rating in its North American...
Infrasave IQ Series
The IQ Series boasts high comfort and provides significant energy savings and a carbon footprint reduction of up to 50%. The long and laminar flame of this tube heater provides an even heat...
ITB/ITT Series
Indoor Tube Heater with Optional 2-Stage Feature
IW/IWP Series
Indoor/Outdoor Tube Heater for Harsh Environments